Are there improvements? 
The subdivision has dedicated roads with easements allowing for permanent legal access to all lots.  Every lot has power and telephone and all lots have been surveyed with all corners clearly marked. Several lots have completed driveways and a few have water wells already drilled on the lot for your convenience. 

Are utilities available? 
Power and telephone lines run underground along the dedicated roads providing power and telephone to each lot.  Please call Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070 and Qwest at 1-877-727-6839 for estimates to bring power and telephone into the home site. Ten foot perpetual utility easements run along all lot property lines. 

Is water accessible? 
Over 100 water wells have been drilled in the subdivision with excellent water. The well depths range from around 200 feet to around 700 feet for the wells already drilled.  Specific depths, amounts and quality of water cannot be guaranteed but we have never had a dry hole!  For information on the water call T&T Drilling at 307-262-5758. They have drilled all of our water wells.

What about water quality?  Water softeners are recommended for Casper, Wyoming.  This holds true for our water.  Reverse osmosis or chlorination systems are subjects to bring up with the well driller as options. 

Do lots have entrances? 
Multiple lots have finished entrances or driveways rocked with dolomite and ready for someone to start building.

Who maintains the dedicated subdivision roads? 
South Park Ridge Homeowners Association (SPR HOA) was created to conduct business for the subdivision.  One of the SPR HOA’s primary functions is the maintenance of the subdivision roads. Annual meetings are held to elect board members and discuss any business that arises.  Each year the homeowners’ visit the annual assessment amount to decide whether the amount is adequate. Currently the annual assessment is $225.00.

What is the zoning for the subdivision? 
The zoning for the subdivision is urban agricultural. 

Are there protective covenants? 
A Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions have been established and recorded to protect homeowners and their property values. 

Are modular or manufactured homes allowed? 
Modular and manufactured homes are permitted in the subdivision with the following restrictions:

  • The modular or manufactured home must have been originally constructed no more than 7 years before the date of placing on the lot (can’t be older than 7 years).
  • The modular or manufactured home must be placed on a county approved permanent foundation.
  • The modular or manufactured home must meet the square footage requirements found in the covenants under the information packet page.  Single wide homes are not allowed.  These homes don’t meet the square footage requirements.
  • The modular or manufactured home meets the other covenants.  See a copy of the covenants under the information packet page.

Are there building restrictions or requirements? 
Owners are not required to build or use the property.  One can purchase a lot for investment purposes as well.  However, before any construction begins, the lot owner must submit a lot diagram or plan to the architectural committee.  A lot plan would contain locations of all structures, well, septic system, driveway, etc. in relation to each other and the property lines.   Distances to all of these on the diagram are required as there are setback requirements in the covenants and distance requirements for the county.  (See the covenants under the information packet page.)  Square footage on all buildings should also be included along with the colors of the structures.  Once the plans have been approved by the architectural committee and you have begun construction, a lot owner has one year to complete the structure.  Lot owners do not have to complete all structures or buildings on their lot simultaneously.  However, the one year completion date will apply to each structure as it is started. 

Are commercial activities allowed? 
No business, commercial, or manufacturing enterprise, or any enterprise of any kind or nature, whether or not conducted for a profit, shall be operated, maintained or conducted on any lot or any improvement therein.  Upon prior written approval of the architectural committee, an owner may have a home office within the dwelling on the owner’s lot, provided no business or commercial use violates county regulations and further provided that no business or commercial use interferes with the enjoyment or use of any part of the property. 

Are animals and livestock allowed? 
It shall be permissible for the owner of a lot, in addition to household pets and small livestock (e.g. ducks, rabbits) to own and maintain on the lot up to four horses or cows, llamas or similar livestock.  For purposes of this restriction, two sheep or two goats shall be considered equivalent to one horse or cow.  Swine, pigs and hogs are not allowed.

Do you recommend any contractors? 
We have and continue to use Allterra Construction and T&T Drilling.  Allterra Construction is a jack of all trades construction company.  Check out to see if they work for you!  T&T Drilling drills all of our water wells.  They are familiar with the water.  They can be reached at 307-262-5758.

How much are property taxes? 
Property taxes run approximately $250.00 a year per 20-acre lot.  These property taxes will increase upon structure completion.

Why are lots priced differently?   
Lots are priced according to amenities and location.  The lots on the ridge have fantastic views of the mountains and Casper itself.  Other lots have water wells already drilled and/or rocked driveways.

Do we offer financing? 
Check out our financing options in the Info Packet section of this site. 

Are there restrictions on the land if we finance through Wcamp (Seller)? 
There are restrictions on the land when it is financed through us.  The buyer must have written approval from the seller for the improvements that the buyer wishes to make.  Once written approval has been obtained from the seller, the improvements must be approved by the architectural committee as well.   As the improvements are completed, lien releases must be obtained from all parties involved in the completion of improvements.  Approaches or driveways, wells and septic systems are improvements the seller has approved.  Please contact us by going to the contact us button should you have questions.

Are there restrictions on the land if we finance on our own? 
After the buyer has paid off the land, they need to follow the covenants and county zoning.  They must also seek approval of the architectural committee before building commences.

Are there penalties for paying off the land early? 
There are no penalties for paying our property loan off early.

Are there closing costs and who pays them? 
The title company charges a fee to close the transaction. Buyer and seller split these costs which currently run $200.00.  The seller pays for the title commitment on the land.

Can my lot be subdivided? 
Lots may not be subdivided or further divided into smaller tracts or parcels.


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